The Ferndown and Uddens estate is occupied by businesses which set high standards of reputation for their own operating environments and services to customers. The estate environment and infrastructure should also reflect those standards.

The Ferndown and Uddens Estate

Many businesses on an estate will make significant investments in extending and refurbishing their premises and it is essential that this investment is not undermined by an environment beyond their businesses which may be unsafe, inefficient and impact negatively upon visitor and client perception and effective business operation.

The improvements made by a BID are determined by businesses and can include core services such as additional cleansing, enhanced security, improved accessibility or more wide-ranging projects such as recycling, business support, improved infrastructure, area branding and promotion. BIDs work closely with their local partners to achieve the improvements that businesses desire for an area.

Technology (E.G High Speed Broadband)

Better information technology and more sophisticated broadband networks are essential for many operations. Feedback has already indicated that this is an important priority for businesses on the Ferndown and Uddens Estates. The availability, cost and access to Ultra Fast broadband is high on the BID’s list of actions.

Area Branding & Promotion

An attractive branded estate is a welcoming place to work and grow your business in and can be a key issue for location decisions by businesses. Tired, older estates often mean safety and security is compromised and the environment has not been well looked after. Promotion of the estate can also allow new businesses to investigate potential new premises and encourage existing businesses to remain and invest in the area.

Improved Infrastructure, Transport Access and Circulation Control

Good transport links are fundamental in the successful operation of the businesses on the estate both in terms of attracting and retaining staff and of distribution of goods. Poor road safety, irresponsible parking and access on and off estates are also issues effecting businesses. Early in 2019 the BID invested in the development of a comprehensive Travel Plan for the estates. The implementation of the Plans 22 recommendations will be a high priority.

Employment and Stable Workforce

Attracting suitably skilled and apprentices is a key issue shared by most businesses. The importance of an estate bringing employment to the area is paramount to create a stable workforce. Improved transport links, especially alternatives to individual private cars, positive promotion of the range employment opportunities available and partnership arrangements with schools and colleges all help encourage employees to come and stay on the estate.

Recycling and Environment

The BID continues to invest in enhancing the environment of the estate including the services of the Town’s Lengthman maintaining public areas and the planting of wildflowers at the entrances to the estate’s. Recycling is promoted through collaborative initiatives.

Safety and Security

This is almost always the most important concern raised by businesses. The BID continues to invest in providing security across the estates, supplementing the actions of individual businesses. A comprehensive system of monitored CCTV is maintained across the estates together with out of hours security patrols. An innovative and ground breaking Partnership has developed with Dorset Police focusing on crime prevention as well as detection.

Security Group

In order to help progress actions to enhance security on the estates a Security Group has been established. The Security Group also includes Dorset Police and SWL who provide evening and weekend security for the estates together with security specialists from levypayers.

BID Factfile

A Business Improvement District enables groups of businesses to join together and commission improvement projects. Covering both industrial estates your BID is managed by the Ferndown and Uddens BID Ltd. The BID generates an income through a levy of 1.25p in the pound of rateable value for each business ratepayer over £7,500. Since 2014 the BID has delivered significant improvements that have enhanced the trading environment for our business community. In 2019 businesses on the estate endorsed this mandate by a 73% support for the new Business Plan.

What's our mission?

To implement the Business Plan and to continuously improve the trading and working environment on the Estates, so that it is a great and safe place to do business and to work. The Ferndown & Uddens BID is here to bring genuine improvements and value to the business community on the Estates. The BID developed out of the collaborations of the Ferndown and Uddens Business Forum and Security Association. Thanks to the support of businesses through the initial ballot in 2014 and the renewal ballot in 2019 together with our partner organisations the BID has been able to make real improvements for the business community. 350 businesses. 3,500 people. One voice.


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