The actions to improve the estates as a location to do business are driven by the Business Plan which sets out the priorities for investments. The main achievements of these actions since September 2014 are:


  • New up to date CCTV in operation across the estates monitored locally 24/7.
  • Number plate recognition cameras with direct links to Dorset Police.
  • Mobile security patrols operating overnight and at weekends.
  • Completed an innovative partnership with Dorset Police, including an office base, electric vehicle and drone flights to increase police presence on the estates.
  • New close working relationship with Dorset Police including appointment of Business Engagement Inspector and team based on the industrial estate.
  • Security Group established to initiate further improvements.
  • Reducing the growth in crime. Making it a safer place than similar areas.


  • New daily bus route from/to Poole to the estates for both the existing workforce and to assist recruitment of new staff, including apprentices.
  • Production of an estates Travel Plan, part funded by the local council, to increase accessibility of the range of modes of travel to the estates and reduce pressures for onsite car parking.
  • Local actions to help on street parking to be more neighbourly and efficient for deliveries and visitors.
  • Verge clearing along access to the A31 to allow for informal dual lanes to improve egress both east and west bound.
  • Erected new entrance signs to raise the profile of the estates.
  • Introduced an integrated colour coded system with layout map and new road nameplates to help deliveries and visitors find their destinations.
  • New road signs and advanced warning signs on all public roads.
  • New bus shelters at the entrance to the Ferndown Estate.
  • Travel surveys – completed to facilitate better travel planning and reduce vehicular impact.
  • Agreement with Highways England and Dorset County Highways to review the phasing of lights at the Canford Bottom Roundabout to benefit local traffic.


  • The first estates in Dorset to have access to superfast broadband through collaboration with Superfast Dorset.
  • Established a cost reduction partnership with Meercat Associates, which is only available through established BID arrangements.
  • Liaised with SSE to reduce breaks in power supply through a more robust system.
  • Links with local schools and collages developing a responsive programme with business promoting the estate as a quality location for Apprentices.
  • Developed an action plan focusing on the particular needs of businesses in the Engineering and Manufacturing sector.
  • Arranged for training and networking events to be delivered on the estates.
  • Established a Planning Protocol with the local authorities where the BID is recognised as a consultee that represents businesses on planning applications.
  • Successful objections to planning applications that would be harmful to the business interests of the estates.
  • Successfully lobbied for the removal of the proposal to locate waste collection and treatment facilities in the BID area.
  • Production of a new directory of levy payers to aid intra estates trading.


  • Develop the BID website ( as a main information portal.
  • Social Media channels have been developed to support to business community on the estate and to link more effectively with local schools.
  • Update the levy payers directory including new businesses locating to the estates.
  • Publish frequent e-newsletters providing news, information and advice.
  • Act as the estates point of contact.
  • Strengthen links with key government, business and education bodies.
  • Support local businesses to trade with and establish collaborative relationships with other businesses on the estates including publicising special offers and discounts.


In addition to the main priorities, other opportunities directly related to the priorities of the BID have presented themselves:

  • Improve the appearance of the estate by employing an estates handyman, in partnership with Ferndown Town Council.
  • Enhance the appearance of the estates by landscaping creating wildflower meadows at the entrances.
  • Provide a network of defibrillator machines hosted by businesses on the estates, including training in their use, reducing risks to those working on or visiting the estates that require emergency assistance. By working with the local NHS Ambulance Trust the estate now has the largest number of accessible machines of any estate in the county.
  • Produced an estates map showing the of locations of defibrillators machines and other public facilities.
  • Manage the gull problem on the estates by the services of a specialist pest company.
  • Support businesses on the estates through BID procurement when possible.
  • Provide support for proposals to attract additional funding to improve the working arrangements of the estates.

Security Group

In order to help progress actions to enhance security on the estates a Security Group has been established. The Security Group also includes Dorset Police and SWL who provide evening and weekend security for the estates together with security specialists from levypayers.

BID Factfile

A Business Improvement District enables groups of businesses to join together and commission improvement projects. Covering both industrial estates your BID is managed by the Ferndown and Uddens BID Ltd. The BID generates an income through a levy of 1.25p in the pound of rateable value for each business ratepayer over £7,500. Since 2014 the BID has delivered significant improvements that have enhanced the trading environment for our business community. In 2019 businesses on the estate endorsed this mandate by a 73% support for the new Business Plan.

What's our mission?

To implement the Business Plan and to continuously improve the trading and working environment on the Estates, so that it is a great and safe place to do business and to work. The Ferndown & Uddens BID is here to bring genuine improvements and value to the business community on the Estates. The BID developed out of the collaborations of the Ferndown and Uddens Business Forum and Security Association. Thanks to the support of businesses through the initial ballot in 2014 and the renewal ballot in 2019 together with our partner organisations the BID has been able to make real improvements for the business community. 350 businesses. 3,500 people. One voice.


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