Who is the BID BOARD

Mark Wallis
Commercial Director of Superior Seals Limited and Superior Specials Limited www.superiorltd.com
Size of business: 170 employees. Length of time on the estate: The business came to the Ferndown Industrial Estate in 1972.
Duncan Graham
Development Director, Autoglaze Ltd & Technical Window Films www.autoglaze.co.uk www.technicalwindowfilms.co.uk
Size of business: 17 employees, established 26 years. Moved from Bournemouth in January 2012
Clivina Wills
Owner of C-is for Cafe www.c-isforcafe.co.uk/
A family owned and run café/sandwich bar situated in the Arena Business Park.
Paul Webb
Owner of Dorset Water Softeners
Size of business: 5 Employees. Moved onto the estates in 2017.
Sandra Orchard
Facilities Engineering Supervisor, Caterpillar Marine Power UK Ltd www.caterpillar.com
Size of business: 90 employees Moved onto the Ferndown Industrial Estate in 1975
Denise Booth
Founder & Principal at Studio One (Dorset’s Centre for Performing Arts) Ltd
Founder & Principal at The Dorset Foundation College for Performing Arts. The business was established in Wimborne in 1981 & came to the Industrial Estate in 1998. The School & College employ 20 x Full-Time & Freelance Teachers / Staff Members.
Danny Godfrey
MD and CEO The Warmer Group www.thewarmergroup.co.uk
Size of business: 80 employees operating from 4 sites on the estate. Established 26 years. Length of time on the estate: 16 years
Martin Lawrence
Head of Manufacturing of Farrow and Ball - www.farrow-ball.com/
Size of business: 260 employees. Moved onto the Uddens Trading Estate in 1980.
Cllr Mike Parkes
Representing Ferndown North Ward, Dorset Council and Ferndown Central Ward, Ferndown Town Council
Representing Ferndown North Ward, Dorset Council and Ferndown Central Ward, Ferndown Town Council.

Security Group

In order to help progress actions to enhance security on the estates a Security Group has been established. The Security Group also includes Dorset Police and SWL who provide evening and weekend security for the estates together with security specialists from levypayers.

BID Factfile

A Business Improvement District enables groups of businesses to join together and commission improvement projects. Covering both industrial estates your BID is managed by the Ferndown and Uddens BID Ltd. The BID generates an income through a levy of 1.25p in the pound of rateable value for each business ratepayer over £7,500. Since 2014 the BID has delivered significant improvements that have enhanced the trading environment for our business community. In 2019 businesses on the estate endorsed this mandate by a 73% support for the new Business Plan.

What's our mission?

To implement the Business Plan and to continuously improve the trading and working environment on the Estates, so that it is a great and safe place to do business and to work. The Ferndown & Uddens BID is here to bring genuine improvements and value to the business community on the Estates. The BID developed out of the collaborations of the Ferndown and Uddens Business Forum and Security Association. Thanks to the support of businesses through the initial ballot in 2014 and the renewal ballot in 2019 together with our partner organisations the BID has been able to make real improvements for the business community. 350 businesses. 3,500 people. One voice.


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