We are your partners in solving financial emergencies responsibly, quickly and compassionately. Unlike banks and others who charge high fees, who involve a bunch of middlemen and make computerised lending decisions, THL does things differently. We get to know you. We seek to understand your unique circumstances. And we make lending decisions based on the relationship we build with you and your family. To do this, we speak personally with you by phone to help you analyse your borrowing needs and create a realistic repayment plan that will help you improve your financial footing. How? We keep costs competitive by eliminating up-front fees and middlemen. Without these costs, we can always charge a competitive rate of interest on the money you borrow. This, in turn, saves you hundreds of pounds and helps us earn your trust for long-term relationships we value. Additionally, at THL Direct, all short-term loans are funded with our own money. This means interest rates remain low because we aren’t paying interest on the money we lend to you. We save, so you save. It’s just that simple.

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